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Enjoy comfort and productivity with this ergonomic office chair. It features lumbar support, headrest, and flip-up arms that can be adjusted to suit your needs. The high back design and breathable mesh material provide support and ventilation for your spine and neck. Order now and get free shipping!

Office Chair with Lumbar Support & Headrest

Office Chair with Lumbar Support & Headrest & Flip-up Arms Height Adjustable Rocking Home Office Desk Swivel High Back Computer Chair Warm Taupe Mesh Study Chair

ColorH Khaki
Product Dimensions20″D x 24.6″W x 49.2″H
SizeMedium Size

About this Item

  • The lumbar support of the study chair is good for the healthy development and growth of adolescent students’ spine, and it can be adjusted up and down by 1.2 inches. This desk chair is good for relieving back pain. People with sciatic or low back pain will prefer this computer chair.
  • The mesh office chair’s backrest is made of permeable mesh material.Strong tensile strength in the desk chair’s breathable mesh prevents sweat from adhering to the back and keeps the back cool and comfortable.The ergonomic office chair can help you recover from fatigue brought on by prolonged sitting thanks to its high-density sponge cushion, which is soft and breathable.
  • The tilt range for this office chair is 90° to 125°.The beige home chair can only be locked in the upright position and cannot be locked in any other position. You can control the rocking or lack thereof of the desk chair by adjusting the control handle.The desk chair can swing when the handle is pulled out, and the ergonomic office chair can be locked in an upright position when the handle is moved in.
  • The office chair’s armrests can be flipped up 90 degrees in the vertical direction. You can get elbow support from the armrest when it’s in the horizontal position. You can have more room to sit when you adjust the office chair’s arms to be 90 degrees upright.Pushing the office chair under the table can free up space.The seat cushion’s height can be changed from 17″ to 20″.
  • Mid back office chair with an adjustable headrest is the Monhey ergonomic chair. When you use the desk chair’s neck support, it can effectively safeguard the cervical spine’s health and relieve neck fatigue or pain brought on by prolonged sitting.To find the most comfortable position, the headrest of the study chair can be moved up and down by 1.5 inches. The computer chair’s headrest can automatically rotate 45 degrees to follow the neck, and it is detachable.
  • Office, desk, study, home, computer, and gaming chairs can all be used with the Monhey ergonomic chair.These white office chairs can be found in offices, homes, meeting spaces, classrooms, assembly halls, and other locations. They are commonly used home office desk chairs.The computer chair can support a maximum weight of 250 lbs.
  • The base of the ergonomic office chair can swivel 360 degrees, which makes it very convenient for people to freely rotate their bodies while seated in the chair. The home office desk chair’s wheels can move quietly in any direction. The desk chair’s quiet rolling wheels roll easily over hard surfaces.
  • The office chair’s ergonomic setup is simple.Office chair assembly typically takes people 30 minutes to complete independently. With assistance, installation can be done more quickly.There is a 3-year warranty and replacement service for these desk chairs for home offices. If there is a problem with our computer chair when you receive it, kindly let us know right away.Within a 24-hour period, the Monhey team will offer solutions.
  • The ergonomic office chair’s bolts have specifically been improved by the Monhey team to increase their hardness, prevent looseness and falling off brought on by the deformation of the screws, and increase durability. If a component requires four bolts to be fixed, please install the bolts in their proper locations first before tightening each one individually to prevent the issue where the final bolt is challenging to install.
  • Please check the width of the office chair before purchasing if you have wide hips.2. The only position that this ergonomic office chair can be locked in is an upright one; an inclined position is not possible.3. The mesh of the executive chair is light brown in low light and beige in bright environments.4. Wipe down the office chair if it became dirty from lubricating oil during assembly.


Enjoy comfort and productivity with this ergonomic office chair.

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High Back Computer Chair

Monhey Ergonomic Office Chair with Lumbar Support & Headrest & Flip-up Arms Height Adjustable Rocking Home Office Desk Swivel High Back Computer Chair Warm Taupe Mesh Study Chair

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