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The Luxury CEO MAN Eau De Parfum is the undisputed #1 choice for those who expect nothing less than the best. It represents the height of luxury. This fragrance, which was created with the utmost care and precision, redefines what it means to indulge in the world of scent. You can also check here budget-friendly perfumes with luxury fragrances.

#1 Most Expensive

Luxury CEO MAN Eau De Parfum Perfume for Men with Lemon, Lavender, Tonka & Agarwood | Luxury Perfume


Elevate your senses to a new level of sophistication and fragrance. luxurious CEO MAN An experience that captures the finest qualities of the most prestigious scents in the world, Eau De Parfum is more than just a perfume.

Item FormLiquid
Item Volume100 Milliliters
ScentLavender, Lemon
Special FeatureLong lasting

About this Item

  • This cologne is intended for men and has a bold, enduring scent that exudes power and confidence.
  • A zesty and sweet aroma is provided by the top notes of Lemon and Sugar, while Lavender adds a subtle touch of sophistication in the middle.
  • The scent’s base notes of vetiver, moss, and tonka give it richness and depth as well as a bold and masculine finish.
  • This Eau De Parfum is ideal for anyone looking to unleash their inner CEO and project a sense of authority and control at work thanks to its gender-neutral scent.
  • brings about long-lasting feelings of renewal.


out of 10.

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Most Expensive Perfume in the World

Experience the outstanding fusion of Lemon, Lavender, Tonka, and Agarwood found in Luxury CEO MAN Eau De Parfum, the most expensive perfume in the world, and learn what opulence and prestige mean.

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